'Things Off to Good Start' Says Loring Industries Officials

Published: Sep. 15, 2017 at 5:30 AM EDT
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Officials with a company that activated its operation in Limestone months ago say things are off to a good start.

Loring Industries specializes in equipment refurbishment.

They hired on 24 people.

Tim McCabe is the head of Business Development for Loring Industries.

He says the initial focus was to support the Maine Military Authority in their re-startup of their contract with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

Loring Industries also supports three other contracts - one with MCI Coach Busses, one with Casella Waste Management, and another for Fixed Route Operators for the State of Maine.

"We're walking before we run so a lot of the heavy duty so a lot of the tools we're getting as we have to have it, we're - running a business, you have to run it profitably or you won't run it, we aren't profiting yet but we will be, we'll do what's necessary as it becomes necessary." Says McCabe.

McCabe also says the goal is to expand significantly during the next year.

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