Things Are Just Peachy in Albion

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ALBION, Maine (WABI) The Locust Grove in Albion has become one of the most popular stops in the summer. That’s because every year, the farm picks and sells fresh peaches.

“It's a matter of where we are in terms of location,” explained Gordon Kenyon. “The site is what makes this place work. It's the elevation, the fact that cold air is denser than warm air, it tumbles off the high points.”

“When we said we had like 500 trees, people went'500 trees?! You're kidding!' No,” said Marilyn Kenyon. “Now I said 'we're almost up to a thousand.' and people are going 'oh my gosh.' That's what I said, what are we doing?”

The Kenyon’s sell 14 different kinds of peaches. They’ve developed a large and loyal fan base that lines up every year to bite into the delicious fruit.

“I've got the greatest customers in the world,” said Gordon. “They tolerate the fact that sometimes things don't work well, as long as they get their peaches. And they really know what they're looking for.”

Peach growth is dependent on the weather, and it can effect both the quality and quantity of the crop. And while there may be fewer crops this week, Kenyon says he expects even more peaches in the weeks to come.

“The peaches are a little bit better size than they were last year, but there are less of them,” said Gordon.

Due to the high demand, it is suggested you call ahead to see how many peaches are available that day.

“We pick in the morning and we sell in the afternoon,” said Gordon. “We exclusively are open between 2:30 and 5:30 in the afternoon.”

And when you do finally get your hands on the fresh fruit, Gordon says it is well worth the wait.

“When you pick up one of these peaches, you bite into it, and the juice runs off your chin and there are smiles on people's faces and they say 'I've never even bit into something like this before.”

The number to call for the Locust Grove is 437-4585.