The family behind Tattooed Dad Brewing Company in Jackson

JACKSON, Maine (WABI) - If you've been down Route 7 in Jackson lately you may have noticed a big, yellow sign in the shape of a beer mug.

"A giant beer mug sign. it attracts a certain clientele and we're fine with that!"

Jenny and Cody Tibbetts never set out to be professional brewers but a couple of years ago when their friends made them an offer on their equipment, they went for it.

"We decided to purchase that equipment from them, bring it up here, we added on to our shed here and just started brewing here," said Cody.

"We just felt like if we didn't try it, we would regret it forever so we said we have to try it and we're pretty good with just jumping in with both feet and seeing what happens," said Jenny.

What happened was Cody, a carpenter and motorcycle mechanic, was really good at it. So, they decided to expand.

"And decided to proceed with the licensing and two years later we're licensed," he said.

That's how Tattooed Dad Brewing Company was born. And, yes, it's named after him.

"I'm a dad and I have a bunch of tattoos. I think the boys said it first at one point and we were like 'yeah that's kind of cool.'"

Every beer they have is named after of Cody's tattoos.

As for their logo, hey turned to someone they knew did good work for their sign. Cody's tattoo artist.

"Cody made the sign. The logo itself was done Josh Ard in Belfast. He's the guys who has done all of Cody's tattoos."

They credit their community to where they've come so far.

"We feel very fortunate in the support we've had in our community which makes it possible," said Jenny.

"It really was just like Monty over the hill and Ed and Molly and it was all our neighbors just kept coming in, coming in. And it was such a nice community thing," said Cody.

Including the beer community. They're proud members of the Maine Brewers Guild.

"The beer brewing community itself is incredibly friendly. Everyone we've talked to across the board. It's not a competitive thing. Everyone is trying to help each other out, encourage each other. One brewery will send you to the next brewery and the next and it's all about networking," said Jenny.

Now, they're content with having a brew spot across the street from where Cody grew up, on the property that was once their first home.

"We're not interested in being a bar that's open until midnight. We're not interested in being here seven days a week. We just want it small and local which is what it has been. We've had a lot of locals stop by and it's become a sort of local hub," said Jenny.

They welcome anyone to come for a visit for their family-friendly space.

"It kind of fell into place and now that people are coming out, it's just cool. We see different people every weekend, we have regulars, which is great and but yeah people are coming and really having a good time. Enjoying the beer, enjoying the spot and enjoying each other's company," said Cody.

They're open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.