The day after Christmas: gift returns and more shopping

Published: Dec. 26, 2019 at 3:59 PM EST
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"It is packed with people. It was a thirty minute wait in line which is a good thing my husband wasn't with me because he wouldn't have lasted."

Sheila Krautkremer of Glenburn says she shops local for her Christmas gifts, but when things go on sale the day after Christmas, she heads to bigger stores like TJ Maxx.

"Buying some things for next year because I donate a lot of the Christmas things that I buy now."

Stores were busy with returns and those just looking for a good deal.

Mike Delonardi says he returned a few things and bought a new coffee press. "Just some gifts that we decided not to give out because we had other gifts. Make some exchanges."

While Eric Brooks was out purely for the deals. "No returns. I have good Santa Clauses in my family."

Although most stores have simple return policies it can be best to check ahead for a smooth experience. You can usually find those policies on the store's website or by calling ahead.

Gavin Russell is the Service and Engagement Team Leader at Target. "You have a big rush everybody's got their gift cards coming to spend that Christmas cash. Of course you've got the returns we've got going on."

Russell says returns at Target should be quick and easy.

"If you have a gift receipt or the receipt they bought it with or the card they bought it with but typically we're pretty good [without a receipt] if it was bought at this store we can do I.D. and kind of a store credit situation."

Russell says the post-Christmas rush is likely to go on for a while.

"It stays busy for the next couple weeks. It's a really good time to pick up some good deals and stock up for next year."

EJ Wancus was making the most of the deals. "Wife has me up here getting decorations for next year. Everything's on sale."

Eric Brooks says it's one of his biggest shopping days. "This is like Black Friday for me. Half price to decorate the house for next year and make it look really good."

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