The Learning Space, Maine teacher educational show launches Monday

Published: Apr. 21, 2020 at 4:07 PM EDT
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Like many parents of students, you've probably been thrust back into the world of long division, spelling and grammar.

Have no fear because help is on the way.

Starting next week Maine teachers are coming to TV.

That's right.

Starting Monday April 27th Maine Public Television will begin airing "The Learning Space."

Each episode will be a half an hour. The goal is to get enough episodes shot to air an hour each day, but to start it will only be 30 minutes of content daily.

It's filmed by Maine teachers as they continue to try to connect with students from home.

"There's a lack of access and we just thought television," said Vicki Wallack, Communications Director for Maine School Management Association. "And public television would be terrific because it fits so nicely into the mission."

"Let's take an hour a day or half an hour a day and be able to partner with the Teachers of the Year, these great educators who know how to communicate and see if we can't partner this way and provide something of value to the kids who are in trouble," said Maine Public Television CEO Mark Vogelsang. "The kids who need some help."

The show will air 12:30 weekdays starting this Monday and run through the middle of June.

Once they expand to an hour the shows will start at noon.

The group is still looking for funding and hopes sponsors will soon hop on board - but there will not be commercial breaks during the hour.

After careful consideration, the groups deemed 3rd through 5th graders would be the best target group for this pilot program.

So that is where the lessons will be focused.

More than 80 Maine teachers that have reached out to the Department of Education about getting involved.

TV5 spoke with two of them.

"Of course you are filming something you are nervous about it," said 2020 Maine Teacher of the Year Heather Whitaker. "It's enthusiastic nervousness because we are going to be reaching so many students that don't have the same equitable access to technology."

"We want to connect Maine teachers to Maine students and that is really why teachers do what they do," said 2018 Maine Teacher of the Year Kaitlin Young. "I was filming in my front room and my dog popped in. That is what our kids are experiencing. We are hoping to provide a learning space for them that they have improvised the same way that we are trying to find a learning space to teach in our houses."