The "Hathaway Holiday Lights" is a must see!

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) -
"This house is amazing."

That's how four-year-old Isis describes a brightly lit house on Hillview Drive in Bangor.

Each year the Hathaway family decks out their house in Christmas lights to put on a show for all to enjoy.

Called the "Hathaway Holiday Lights" it is a tribute their late son who passed away when we was born prematurely.

While the lights are free to view, the family suggests folks contribute to their donation box where all proceeds go towards the Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Nicole Rowe of Hermon says, "Anything that you do to raise money for the community is really important. Anything that you can do to draw a crowd brings in money and definitely, in this case, help sick kids and they usually have little treats out so that never hurts my kid's feelings either."

The 30,000 lights are programmed to holiday music so folks can turn their car radio to 88.1 FM and watch the light show.

Rowe says, "Last year I saw my daughter cry because they had Frozen on here and she absolutely loves Frozen so it was very cool to see her little eyes light up."

As Isis says, "Everybody should see this house. It's so cool."

"I absolutely love this," Rowe says. "I think it's really cool that they have it almost all choreographed it's just very very neat and their neighbors actually usually have all the stuff choreographed too which is amazing."

Hundreds of people stop and park each year to enjoy the display.

"It brings out the spirit of Christmas which I think everybody can appreciate," Rowe says.

The display will be running every night until December 26th.

"Merry Christmas to everybody and Happy Holidays," Rowe says. "And if you haven't come and seen this house you need to come see this house."