The 17th annual Pumpkins in the Park brings early trick or treaters

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI)- Kids could go trick or treating early at the Anah Shriner’s in Bangor.

The 17th annual Pumpkins in the Park event allowed families to go around collecting candy and prizes at booths decorated for the theme “out of this world”.

The event was put on by UCP, and helps raise money for their programs.

Face painting, photos, and balloon animals were all there to add to the fun.

“My favorite part of running the event is seeing everything come together,” says Andrew Lohman, the marketing manager of UCP. “We got here this morning and there was nothing in this room and how we’ve got thousands of people coming through. It’s kind of people a Halloween tradition in the community so people always remember when it comes around. It’s just a great way for the community to show support towards UCP.”

Over 2,000 people dressed up to collect sweets at the event.