Teen Doing Better Than Expected After Summer Crash

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WASHBURN, Maine (WAGM) A teen who was in a car that nearly split in half this summer is doing better than expected.

In mid-July 16-yer-old Quintin Thompson was driving a vehicle that left the road in Washburn.

Now his mother is speaking out about the community support they've received and the road to recovery her son is on. Ashley Blackford reports.

"Take your time k."

His mom, Heidi may be telling him to take his time, but Quintin Thompson's strength and will after his car accident has allowed him to get back on his feet sooner than anyone thought possible.

(Thompson) "He had determination right from day one, and has never not once have I seen him say, no I'm not going to do that, we're just moving forward."

On July 15th Quintin's car left the road and hit a tree.

(Thompson) "He broke his tibia, fibula, talus bones, which is your ankle bones and both legs. Broke his back, he broke his eye socket around his eye socket where he got hit. He had a broken thumb, one knee cap was broken and the other knee he suffered an LCL tear which is what controls your leg. Now we're just down to the prosthetic leg."

This video was taken at the beginning of September and it was the first time Quintin used his prosthetic leg. Heidi says she never thought just a little more than three months after the accident he'd be this far into his recovery.

(Thompson) "We never imagined we'd be to where we are to now 14 weeks ago. What we saw, it was a severe accident, like we just talked about, it was a parent's worst nightmare."

Heidi was at the accident scene the day it happened, but it wasn't until she saw the photos that she realized how severe it really was.

(Thompson) "Once we saw the pictures of the car because I really didn't see the car, I didn't look at it that day and once we saw it then reality really set in, where that tree was sitting and where he was, basically the only word for it is a miracle."

The Thompson family spent the weeks following the accident at the hospital in Bangor. A friend started a gofund page that has since raised almost 23 thousand dollars.

(Thompson) "That's not counting the people that stopped by here, the people that mailed us stuff, the cards and money and donations and gift cards and food, you name it."

Once Quintin got the go ahead to go home, people in the community offered time, skills and supplies to make their home accessible and add an addition.

"Our house had stopped right here."

Now Heidi says they are close to finishing up the bathroom and bedroom for Quintin.

(Thompson) "We've had a lot of people, different people stop in on any given day and help out, give a hand. Greg Cropley and my husband most of the end of it, Greg has been here most of it, helping with the electrical. Pretty much every evening we come home and start working, we're very close to having it done."

Quintin is now back at school and Heidi says he's already eager to get back into sports.

'QStrong' became the motto after Quintin's accident..and Heidi say's the support from everyone around them gave him the strength to defy the odds and show just how strong he really is.