Tech experts give advice on technology to use for new hands-free law

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - If you don't have a way to talk on your phone hands-free while driving, you'll need to change that soon.

On September 19th, a new Maine law takes effect that bans hand-held phone use while driving.

"The main thing to remember is being hands-free, it is not just important for the driver but also all the passengers in the vehicle. An accident wouldn't just affect the driver, everyone else included."

There are many hands-free options when it comes to technology.

"The biggest things would probably be the blue tooth headsets. Those are going to be a huge thing because you can answer your phone completely hands-free. It is going to be really important to have that in your car as well as actual Bluetooth connectors, FM transmitters. Those are going to be really important to have because you can plug it right into your car."

"It's a good idea. I have Bluetooth in my own car, so I receive and do calls just by voice command. I think it's a great idea. We are losing too many lives because of texting and driving and talking and driving."

Whether you are the younger generation or the older generation, I'm told regardless, there is plenty of options for everyone.

"Smartphones and flip phones alike. Even the low-end model, flip phones include Bluetooth technology."

"People come in every day saying the same thing exactly about this. It is really all about being safe on the road."

Drivers who violate the new law can be fined 50 dollars the first time and 250 dollars for repeat offenses.

"You never know what is going to happen every day that you get in your car and you drive out there. So, that's something that is going to be really crucial just to make sure you are having a good life and keeping your safety within your family and for everybody around you."

Most of these items can be found at any tech store.