'Teachers on Parade:' Orono teachers find ways to safely visit their students

ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Teachers on parade.

The staff at Asa C Adams Elementary school in Orono came up with a creative way to safely visit their students, who they miss so much.

When School Counselor Lisa Erhardt was delivering meals to their students along bus routes got an idea.

"Seeing the kids waving from the windows kind of sparked the idea that we can't really be together but we might sort of be able to be together," explained School Counselor Lisa Erhardt.

After getting permission from school and city officials her plan for teachers to safely visit students was a go.

Principal Darren Ackerman said, "We are holding a parade!"

Erhardt, explained, "I think that this is as hard on teachers as it is on families and kids right now to be away from our students."

Daniel added, "This is the most difficult part for us. We're not physically seeing our students."

Making this parade something more than just a quick trip to see students.

Daniel said, "The idea of empathy and reaching out to others and collaborating, being flexible thinkers, this is what we're trying to show."

Clearly this parade is something students and parents also needed during their time away.

"I hope they know that we care about them and we miss them and that even though we're kind of in weird times where we can't all be together that they're still in our hearts and on our minds on a daily basis." Lisa added, "I think it's as exciting for us as I hope it will be for them."

While it may not always be easy for kids to understand why they can't go to school right now - one thing they will always understand is how much their school cares about them.

"We're all doing what we have to do. Maybe not what we want to do but what we have to do to come back to school as soon as we possibly can."