Teachers learn how to teach students about the Holocaust at summer seminar

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - About two dozen teachers from throughout the state are spending Tuesday and Wednesday at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine learning how to teach students about the Holocaust.

They're taking part in a summer seminar entitled "The Holocaust and Human Behavior"

This is the first summer seminar hosted at the HHRC this summer with three more planned.

"This allows them to have a toolbox where they can bring to light these important stories that augment and support the lessons that they're already teaching," said David Greenham, Associate Director of the HHRC.

Among the things they're focused on are how the Holocaust came to be, and the roles and decisions made by people that let it happen.

"I'm here to learn more about how to incorporate information about the Holocaust, the history of the Holocaust, what led to it, human behavior around the Holocaust, and ideally how to transfer that knowledge to the students so we can prevent things like this from happening again," said Auburn Middle School Teacher and attendee Sonja Abbott.

To learn more about other seminars this summer, you can visit HHRCMaine.org.