Teachers have some tips for parents teaching school from home

Published: Mar. 19, 2020 at 6:32 PM EDT
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There's always been an appreciation for teachers but with parents now becoming the teachers with their kids learning from home due to coronavirus concerns and schools closed that appreciation has grown for many.

"I've been hearing a lot that people are appreciative of school teachers which is pretty awesome,” says Emilie Throckmorton, a teacher in Bangor.

So, what can parents do to help their kids during this time?

"Think of this as a school, one day at a time with a look ahead at what's coming up tomorrow,” says Throckmorton.

"We kind of made an at home schedule to sort of almost mirror what their day looks like at school. We do what we normal would on a school, getting dressed, brushing our teeth,” says Sarah O’Connell, also a local teacher.

Throckmorton and O'Connell are both teachers and parents. They say creating a flexible schedule works well.

"What I've done with my middle schooler is we've sat down and gone through all of his online classrooms a make a list of what is due that day or the next day and then kind of prioritize how we want to go for it,” says Throckmorton.

They say a big part is knowing how your student works and helping them not feel overwhelmed with the new learning environment...even if it is from home.

"Only doing what is due that day or the next day. I have heard from some parents that their kids are trying to do all of their packets at once so they can relax later,” says Throckmorton.

They say think of this as a school, one day at a time with a look ahead at what's coming up tomorrow.

"What I do is I just think that I'm in school I dress like I'm in school,” says student, Lucy O’Connell.

"The sentiment I've been hearing from my students is they thought they wanted this time away. They thought the wanted a ‘fun’ extended snow day and they want to be back in school and I cannot wait to see them,” says Throckmorton.

An important part of the day is to take breaks and reach out for help.

"Hit the pause button, work on something else and if the parent wants to or the student wants to reach out to the teacher for a little clarification or help, that's what we're all here for. We're on standby waiting to hear from you and parents,” says Throckmorton.

And remember to make time for recess!

"I think just kind of getting outside for some fresh air and the girls have been walking around the block,” says O’Connell.

"It is tiring teaches these lessons. I'm especially thinking of parents of multiple little ones just remember that cooking a meal together, taking a walk outside, that's all learning. You don't have to be sitting at a desk all day. So, I think that everyone needs to give themselves a break,” says Throckmorton.

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