Symbols of happiness and hope planted in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Symbols of happiness and hope were planted in Bangor - we're talking about yellow tulips.

The bulb planting ceremony is part of The Yellow Tulip Project.

The message? Shining a light on suicide awareness, spreading hope, and smashing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Organizers say it's very fitting on this World Mental Health Day.

Sam Slavin, the Organizer, said, "I just really want people to know that there's always hope out there, that there's help here in Bangor and Maine. We are building a community. There is a community here for them.

Bangor YMCA isn't the only place that will have a hope garden.

Local schools, fire departments, and businesses are taking part, too.

For more information on the Yellow Tulip Project, visit