Suspicious letter sent to home of Sen. Susan Collins in Bangor

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A suspicious letter was sent to the Bangor home of Senator Susan Collins Monday afternoon.

Police said they responded to a home on West Broadway at 1:40 p.m. to investigate the suspicious letter.

Police said the fire department and a hazmat team from Orono were involved in the investigation.

The senator's husband was at home at the time, but Collins wasn't there.

She had left Bangor Monday morning to return to Washington, D.C, and has since returned.

A spokesperson for the Senator said that the letter was received by Collins' husband Tom Daffron.

She said the person that wrote the threatening letter claimed it was contaminated with ricin, a highly hazardous substance which was used in a previous attack against the United States Senate.

That led local authorities to take this threat very seriously.

Annie Clark, spokeswoman for Senator Collins, issued a statement.

“Senator Collins’s husband, Mr. Daffron, their dog, and parts of their home were quarantined while the crime lab undertook an analysis of the premises. The affected areas have now been cleared, and Senator Collins and Mr. Daffron will be able to remain at home Monday night.

Senator Collins and Mr. Daffron issued the following statement Monday night.

"We are very grateful for the immediate and professional assistance that we received...from the Bangor Police Department, the Maine Crime Lab, the Maine State Police Department, the Capitol Police, the FBI, the Orono Hazmat Unit, the Bangor Fire Department, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. We are also truly appreciative of the many well wishes that we received today. Our friends and neighbors have been incredibly kind and have even offered to open their homes to us. We feel blessed to live in such a supportive community."

Senator Angus King also released a statement Monday evening on twitter.

King said, "This is not who we are - as a state or as a nation. Regardless of any political differences, @SenatorCollins, her family, and her staff should not have to be subjected to these threats - there's just no place for it in our discourse."

The testing of the letter, as well as the investigation into its origins, remain ongoing.

The spokeswoman for Senator Collins said, "Monday's incident is the latest in a series of threats against Senator Collins, her loved ones, and her staff."

Police say they have no information that suggests there is any danger to the public.

Bangor Police said U.S. Capitol Police will release new information as it becomes available.