Supportive Early Childhood Development Topic of Bangor Summit

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Building a strong foundation for children in Maine is the goal of the Maine Community Foundation and the basis of the summit they held Tuesday in Bangor.

It featured multiple presenters talking about the importance of supporting children from birth.

They say it's critical to invest in kids quality of life during early brain development.

That takes place from zero to five.

They believe reaching Maine's children can directly impact the future of the state's ecomony.

That's why the foundation is working to bring different businesses and agencies around the state together to help give families the tools to create a strong foundation for their kids.

"Every single Maine person has value and we have to engage them in a way that's very productive and to do that we need to support them from their earliest years. It's important for all of us to recognize that because all of us will live with the results of that if we choose not to," said Thomas College President, Laurie LaChance.

The Maine Community Foundation will be awarding ten early childhood planning grants over the next couple of years.

They'll be giving grants of up to $25,000 to communities that demonstrate an interest and readiness to participate in the child development process.