Support groups turn to technology to bridge social distancing

Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 5:21 PM EDT
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What do you do when you need a support group and gathering together isn't an option?

We spoke Tuesday with the director of the Bangor Area Recovery Network, Bruce Campbell, about that after their recent closure.

"We do have a large number of people who meet the high risk criteria for being susceptible to infection, so we had no choice but to close down our actual facility."

The sign on the door doesn't just read 'closed,' it also says, 'we are in this together. This too shall pass.'

"This is a very challenging time. Recovery support, particularly peer to peer support, is usually done one on one or as you know in groups."

Despite the challenges, the mission of the BARN will continue.

"Fortunately, in today's age we do have technology to help us out."

Those who need support, encouragement, and information about resources can call in. (207) 478-9486

"One of our staff or volunteers will return their call and set up some time to provide support over the phone."

Those with internet access can attend online meetings.

"We're also having a daily Zoom meeting called All Recovery Support, so it doesn't matter what type of recovery you might be looking for."

They've also provided links to online meeting resources. All the information is posted both outside the building and on their Facebook page.

"It's a time where people have to hunker down and do the best they can."

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