Summit On Cyber Security Held In Brewer

Published: Sep. 20, 2017 at 11:55 PM EDT
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Cyber security for business owners was the topic of a summit in Brewer Wednesday. It was one of three sessions available around the state this Morgan Sturdivant tells us, cyber protection is more important than ever.

Nat/We're changing as we become more dependent on technology and get the benefits of it

There's no doubt the way Mainers do business is changing with advancements in technology, but with those advancements comes a dire need for cyber security.

Joshua Devou says "It's critical."

Members of Thomas College and the Maine state chamber started planning the Maine cyber safety summit early this summer as a way to provide information to business owners about how to protect sensitive data from cyber criminals.

"Really telling people how to utilize local, federal, and state resources to help protect their business." Said Devou.

When millions of Americans found their personal information compromised after Equifax's massive data breach, they realized how timely this summit really was, especially with how accessible information is to share and store.

"Really, people just want to know where their information is, how protected it is and how accessible they are to cyber threats."

State officials and members of the F-B-I are presenting at all three seminars happening around the state to help business owners and let them know there are many resources available to help protect them from cyber threats.

Devou added, "If you go to as well as the FBI and DHHS resources on cyber security, those are great starting points to know what's available to help you in the event or to prevent future attacks."