Sugar houses around the state are bracing for no Maple Sunday

NEWBURGH, Maine (WABI) - Maple Sunday looks a bit different this year due to the spread of Coronavirus.

Maine Maple Sunday has been a tradition for decades, getting folks out to local sugar houses.

"The super bowl of maple syrup production got cancelled this year basically. Most sugar makers will see 50% or more of their annual sales on Maine Maple Sunday weekend alone. And that's down significantly for all producers I'd say this year," said Scott Dunn, the President of the Maine Maple Producers Association.

With social distancing in place, some farms are still trying to sell their products.

"Producers this year have had to innovate a little bit more, whether they're doing curbside sales, setting up in their drive ways. Most have the sugar houses closed and not operating just to keep the limitations and keep the area where it is in production facility clean," said Dunn.

Nutkin Knoll Farm in Newburgh would normally have hundreds of people with various festivities going on. They say they have certainly felt the impact.

"Our standard is free syrup on ice cream for everybody, we have lots of samples. So we realized we really can't be doing that," said the Owner Len Price.

So this year they've only opened to call ahead orders, so that their regulars can get there maple fix.

"Over 25 years we've seen it all from a foot and a half of snow, to 60 degree temperatures. And so this is totally different for us and for everybody else," said Price.

Folks with the Maine Maple Producers Association hope to be able to reschedule the weekend festivities later this fall.

"I don't know how that's going to shake out, but definitely tightens up on the cash flow. The main point is to keep people healthy and get through this the best we can," said Price.