Students get first hand look at workings of State Supreme Court

OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI) - School kids in Old Town got a first hand look at a key component of our judicial system.

The State Supreme Court held court hearings at Old Town High School for students there as well as students from Orono and Schenk High Schools.

Judges presided over three appeals.

The court has been holding oral arguments in front of high school students since 2005, visiting more than 40 Maine high schools and hearing about 100 cases.

The process of appellate arguments is rarely seen on TV or in movies.

This lets students observe the interaction between attorneys and the court.

Zachary Brandmeir, an attorney says, "We want to inspire the kids to do things and we're always looking to get more attorneys in rural practice. So, it's a really excellent program for the court to go around to these schools in various areas in the state and hopefully inspire some kids to want to pursue a career in the law."

Junior at Old Town High School, Eliza McPhee says, "It's really a rewarding experience for the high school students here because I feel like a lot of them are pretty indecisive about what the state of Maine has for all these branches. So, seeing it up there and all the different justices is pretty eye opening to everyone."

The court hits the road to Houlton where other cases will be argued at Houlton High School Thursday.