Students build recording studio for Waldo County Technical Center

Published: Sep. 20, 2019 at 4:15 PM EDT
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"Dream come true! Dream come true."

Tim Woitouitz has wanted to see a recording studio in MidCoast Maine for seven years. Two years ago, he found a way.

"I met Kevin Michaud right here at the Waldo County Tech Center, and I gave him my idea and his eyes lit up, and he said, let's go for the board."

Kevin Michaud is the director of Waldo County Technical Center. "Once they approved based on his very generous donation of a lot of equipment, we said we would raise funds."

Four students in the school's building construction program were called upon to build the space with supervision from their instructor.

Michaud described tasking the students. "I threw down the gauntlet. I said, guys listen, we have a studio that we want to build here, and we want you to build it."

"They did the building. They did the electric wiring. They did everything." says Woitouitz.

Anthime Brunette was one of the students who worked on the project. He has now graduated from WCTC and is going to Eastern Maine Community College for the woodworking program. "The sound recording studio, we did it in a year. It was a good feeling. It makes you take pride in your work, and it's, I don't know how to describe it, just like you're proud of it. After you're done, you take a step back, and it's like okay, I built this and everyone is going to see it."

Michaud hopes the studio will be used by a variety of musicians in the area.

"They have this opportunity to right here in their backyard to record and to really cut their teeth on music if that's their goal, or even if it's their hobby."

"We're just looking forward to everybody in Maine enjoying it." says Woitouitz.

They're expecting high demand for the space, so if you're looking to record something, you may want to contact the school soon. Rates start at $40 an hour.

For more information visit or call 207-342-5231