Students at EMCC help Bangor Humane Society

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Students at Eastern Maine Community College are working on a two part semester long project.

The project centers around animal abuse in Maine.

One part was to review and edit legislation to add stipulations to the current animal abuse laws.

One part was community involvement of raising money to help the Bangor Humane Society take care of abused animals.

The legal part they focused on was to try and stop people from intentionally injuring their pets so the vets would prescribe opioids the owner would take instead of giving to their animal.

"It's actually been eye opening," said Business Management student Emily Ellis. "In the last class that we had Miss Record actually showed us pictures of the abuse that's been happening to animals in order to take them in, there was somebody who actually cut their dog's nose off in order to get the opioids so it was just kind of like Wow people really are doing this, it's a big problem."

Each year they collect food and money to donate to the Bangor Humane Society, and it always combines to be about One thousand dollars in donated food and cash.

Their teacher is planning to send their revisions to the animal abuse policy to Augusta.