Students at Dexter Regional High School particiapte in TNT Expo

Published: Mar. 14, 2019 at 6:21 PM EDT
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Dexter Regional High School put on a science fair Thursday with a bit of a twist.

The Thinkers and Tinkerers Expo offers kids a chance to pursue and present projects of particular interest, no matter the subject.

Senior Ivanka Hernandez says, "We have everyone from mathematicians to scientists to artists that come in from the outside and students also showing presentations, showing what they can do and what they're interested in."

This event isn't your normal science fair.

Alyson Saunders, a teacher at the school and director of the program says, "It's kind of like a science fair without all of the judging and scores. It's more about an opportunity to explore things that they might genuinely be interested in. So, the idea behind that is that they engage with a topic that they find interesting and that they share it with someone else, and that's a piece of education that sometimes gets overlooked when we're doing standardized testing all the time, and this is a chance to do something that's just for fun."

They also bring in people from the local community.

Saunders says, "They're also learning a little bit about how people in the real world use STEM in their jobs on a daily basis. So, this gives them an opportunity to think of a career that they never thought of before and talk to an adult who's doing something that they might be interested in."

Many of the students will be taking their projects on to the Maine State Science Fair.