Students and Safety Officers Speak About Lessons Learned from 9/11

BANGOR, MAINE (WABI) Heroes continue to emerge from the back to back natural disasters down south...a reminder that we, as a country, can come together in times of tragedy.

(Photo Source: ndrwfgg / Wikipedia / CC BY 2.0 / MGN)

Today, the we remember another disaster that forever scarred our nation but also defined it.

As Joy Hollowell reports, the lessons learned from 9-11 continue to shape the spirit and grit of Mainers and the rest of the United States,
"9-11 changed everything," says Lieutenant Colonel Darryl Lyon of the Maine Army National Guard. "The day's events and our understanding of the meaning of these events changed almost every aspect of our lives."

Police officers, fire fighters, EMTs and other First Responders gathered at Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor, for a memorial reflecting on the meaning of 9-11.

LTC Lyon Spoke about the the terror attacks, and why the images and memories from that day 16 years ago, must continue to fuel our patriotism.

"We must fully weight our decisions in light of those feelings and images," says Lyon, "and not over react or under react when we feel threatened or consumed by what is occuring to our community."

For many at the ceremony, the events of 9-11 are not experiences but rather history lessons. They are promising to never forget.

"It's crazy something something like that could actually happen," says Josh Martin, an EMCC student majoring in the Fire Science Program. "That much loss, it's just crazy to hear. It leaves me speechless sometimes."

"For me, being here, it's moving." says Justin Charette, a junior fire fighter for the Medway Fire Department. "The loss of our brothers and fathers and how we can come together as a family and learn from what happened and move on."

As the crowd at EMCC watched, the state of Maine and American flag were lowered to half staff in silence.

"Those days were horrific days and we have shown amazing resiliency," said Lyon, concluding his address before the attendees headed outside. "And if we allow ourselves, we can how how much we have grown from the tribulations we had endured, to come back stronger, to come back better and to come back a lot wiser."