Students built mini-boats tested at UMaine

Published: Feb. 27, 2019 at 6:14 PM EST
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Students from United Technologies Center were at UMaine Wednesday testing a mini-boat they built.

The five foot long boat is the first of several the students are building.

It's part of the Mini-Boat Research Collaboration, an effort to provide hands-on STEM learning.

Eventually the boats will be launched from locations around the world.

"With this project they've expanded it a little bit to have a larger boat and remote control setting where they're trying to be able to steer the boat.” Says Hattie Train, UMaine Marine Science Club President. “And we've even discussed putting in sensors that might be able to measure different oceanographic data."

Richard Baldwin, founder of the Mini-Boats Collaborative said, "Most of the data they get now from the ocean is off of static buoys and now with a boat like this will get a running line of data."

A Mini-Boat launched in 2016 in the Caribbean was just recovered a few days ago along the shore in Ireland.