Studded snow tires to be removed

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 3:51 PM EDT
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If you have studded snow tires, it's time to remove them.

Maine law says tires with metal studs, wires, or spikes need to be off by May 1st.

Anyone caught with studded tires can fined $152.00.

Twin City Tire in Brewer says it's very important to remove them because of the tires' impact on the roads.

"The fact that the roads take a beating with the studs. When the warmer weather gets here, if it ever gets here, the studs do take a beating on the tar. You got little metal spikes in the tires and the hotter that it gets the tar gets more pliant so the studs actually tear into that."

Snow tires that do not have studs are still okay to use.