Strawberry Season Looks Strong at Treworgy Family Orchards

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LEVANT, Maine (WABI) - “Strawberry season has begun!”

Says Matthew Pellerin, agricultural manager at Treworgy Family Orchards.

"We have some of the earliest berries in the region mostly because we grow them underneath the plastic so that gives them an extra boost."

He says the conditions this year have been ideal.

It's been a really light year for pests so the berries are really in good quality no mold, bug bites or anything like that. The berries are sizing up really nicely the weeds are down so it's really easy to find them.

This continues a trend of good harvests.

“As far as fruit quality goes we've had really good luck the last three years. But this year we have probably three times as many berries as we had last year mostly because we planted a lot more. I have a lot of friends that grow strawberries and we talk and compare notes and it sounds like it's a great year for everybody.”
Demand for the berries is high enough that Treworgy is planting a new field, enough to double their yield.
“Our goal is to have anytime people show up to pick berries to have strawberries. Last year we got picked out a lot and so we're trying to expand quickly.”

Pellerin says the season picks up this weekend and will continue into early July.

“Strawberries are very challenging and demanding lots of hand weeding, hand work. Big crews. But they're very rewarding cuz they're pretty much the best.”

Spencer Roberts WABI TV5 News, Levant