Strawberry season blooms despite COVID-19 complications

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LEVANT, Maine (WABI) - Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, Treworgy Family Orchards is having a strong strawberry season.

The orchard is hosting pick your own berries events, where people could come and gather their own crop of fresh berries.

Due to safety concerns, the orchard has implemented special guidelines, like requiring employees to wear masks, sanitizing baskets before use, and a limit of one group per row, to ensure the safety of customers.

The orchard's owners say they were happy with the turnout, and that they're glad to provide a fun outdoor activity.

Matthew Pellerin, the orchard's Agricultural Manager, says, "I think people are really excited to get outside. And so, actually, we're doing pretty well. We've had a lot of people come out, and people seem to be really excited to do something together outside where it's a little bit safer."

And if you want to do some berry picking of your own, the orchard will have it's next open field this Tuesday until 4 p.m.