Strawberry Festival hits M.D.I.

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SOMESVILLE, Maine (WABI) - Festivals are one of the many things Maine does well in the summer.

The Strawberry Festival in Somesville is no exception.

"We love it,” said Raney Bench, Executive Director of the Seal Cove Auto Museum. “It's so much fun. It's great to see all the people. People come back year after year for the Strawberry Festival. They look forward to it every year, and there's always new faces in the mix as well. If you love strawberries, they're such a treat, and fresh strawberries from the field, there's just nothing like them"

This year's Strawberry Festival at the Somesville Firehouse was the 44th annual and naturally featured fresh strawberry shortcake. Organizers say they serve between seven and eight hundred bowls of the good stuff.

"We serve 240 quarts of strawberries,” said Tim Garrity, Executive Director of the M.D.I Historical Society. “And unlimited supplies of whipped cream. None of it comes out of a can. We have people actually whipping the cream and adding sugar. So it's a summertime indulgence of a very special traditional recipe."

Proceeds from the festival benefit the MDI Historical Society and the Seal Cove Auto Museum, who collaborated to bring shortcake to the masses.

"Everything we do, we try to do in partnership with another organization like Seal Cove Auto Museum,” Garrity said.

"The museum and the historical society are both part of a larger organization called the History Trust where we're really focused on guarding historic resources for the general public,” Bench added. “So some of the money today is also going to go towards that."

According to her friends, Polly from Dedham, Mass was the shy one in the group, but still -the question had to be asked: How does the Strawberry Festival shortcake measure up to other strawberry shortcakes?

"Well of course it’s better,” she said. “It's Somesville. It has to be.”