Stormwatch: Waterville

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WATERVILLE, Maine Central Maine took a pounding from the strom Thursday.

Waterville Public Works prepared for a long day of work.

Their fleet of plow trucks were loaded with sand and ready to roll before conditions worsened in the afternoon.

Businesses started closing around town as the snow and wind intensified throughout the day.

Waterville Poilce Department reminded motorists to properly clear off their vehicle before hitting the roads and to not drive distracted in such dangerous conditions.

William Bonney, Deputy Chief, Waterville Police:
"If you have an obstructed view you can't see people coming up behind you that could be an emergency vehicle trying to get by you to get to an accident, or a fire, or any number of things. And if you don't clear your car off and it all comes off at once, that lands on somebody else's windshield which is obviously also a problem. So apply good common sense measures and realize that we're Mainers. We're a hardy breed and this is what we do."

The strong winds had plow truck drivers busy as roadways that were cleared became obstructed again shortly after by drifting snow.