Stayin' Alive: Fourth graders learn life-saving skills

LEVANT, Maine (WABI) - Students put their hands to work learning life-saving skills at Suzanne Smith Elementary School in Levant.

Firefighter's and EMT's taught them C-P-R.

It's part of their Spark Pug Public Safety Program.

PUG stands for Plan your escape, Understand and Get out safely.

The fire department visits fourth graders at the elementary school every month teaching new safety lessons.

This month was all about CPR.

Fourth grader Addison Kenney says, "You put your elbows straight so you don't mess up. Then, you push really hard so that you help them keep breathing."

Chief Eric Strout of the Levant Fire Department says, "Today's class was focused on teaching hands-only CPR. With June being CPR awareness month we felt that our younger generation, if we could teach them CPR now, we're starting at a young age to really put a focus on saving lives."

The Levant Fire Department hosts public CPR lessons as well.

To learn more you can visit the Levant Fire and Rescue Facebook Page.