State Senator presents bill to connect young adults to their communities through internships

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) After seeing first hand a growing number of young adults becoming disconnected with their communities, Sen. Lisa Keim, R-Oxford, has brought forward a bill that aims to tackle that issue head on.

It would create an internship program that connects young people and businesses.

She says that while big companies in the state have the resources to put together such programs, small businesses often don't, and that negatively affects many kids in rural areas.

The goal is to connect young people with their communities and produce meaningful experiences that they can use to forward their lives.

"I think that's really going to change their outlook on themselves, and I think it's going to help them value themselves and see themselves as someone that can create value and that has a future and has hope and a different vision for themselves," said Keim.

The bill could also help with the severe workforce shortage in Maine.

"I know that the business owners in my area are so willing to invest in the children and invest in their communities," said Keim. "They understand that we're losing them, and they want to make a difference. So this bill is all about helping them make a difference."

Keim says that although she's seen a lot of support from people across the state on the bill, it will likely take until next session to get the details straightened out.