State Seeks Federal Disaster Declaration for Public Assistance

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AUGUSTA, Maine. (WABI) Maine is pursuing a Federal Disaster Declaration for Public Assistance.

Local municipalities are gathering data for damage to public infrastructure.

The state-wide threshold for the declaration is $1.9 million.

Each county must also reach a certain threshold to qualify, which is based on population.

The Maine Emergency Management Agency held a briefing in Augusta on Thursday.

They say it's too early to know if individual assistance from FEMA will be available, but you're urged to save receipts and photograph property damage and work with homeowners insurance first.

"The way it works is the numbers go from the municipalities to the county emergency management agencies and then up to us. We compile the data and then get that to FEMA and then a decision is made," said Pete Rogers, Acting MEMA Director.

"As we get closer to the end, we have the harder and harder work to do. We're on the more rural roads. We might have to put four or six bucket trucks to pick up one customer," said CMP's President Sara Burns.

MEMA officials say patience is needed going forward.

Updated shelter and warming center lists can be found online at or by dialing 211.