State Regulators Say Mussels Affected By Biotoxin Recalled, Destroyed

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BAR HARBOR, Maine (AP) Maine regulators say the state has recovered almost all the shellfish impacted by a recall of mussels necessitated by a harmful biotoxin.

The state Department of Marine Resources says more than 58,000 pounds of mussels harvested in Frenchman Bay were affected by the recall, which went into effect Sept. 15. About 98 percent of the mussels were recovered and destroyed by Monday.

The recall was implemented because of concerns about amnesic shellfish poisoning. Marine resources department public health bureau director Kohl Kanwit says the recall's complete. He says the state was able to recover almost all of the affected mussels by cooperating with dealers.

The recall came after a shellfish harvesting closure along Maine's central and eastern coast. It was due to elevated levels of domoic acid, which causes ASP.