St. Joseph Hospital Providing Care Packages to Flu Patients

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Flu season is upon us and Saint Joseph's Hospital is providing folks with a little extra care.

Patients who are presenting with signs of the flu will receive a free Flu Care Package.

The package includes all the essentials to help fight off the nasty bug like tissues, cough drops, and hand sanitizer.

Infection Prevention Coordinator Andrew Donovan says, "We have a limited supply of flu care kits. If they are to present with symptoms such as the flu or upper respiratory symptoms, bronchitis, sinusitis, those sorts of things where antibiotics aren't always indicated but they are feeling poorly and even just getting to the store to get the support or stuff they would need is a challenge we would be offering those kits to them at that time."

Staff at the hospital received their flu shots Wednesday in an effort to help take better care of their patients.

This week is International Infection Prevention Week.