St. Joseph Healthcare outsourcing jobs

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A dozen St. Joseph Healthcare workers in Bangor face uncertain futures following a partnership with their parent company and another company.

Covenant Health is teaming up with Ensemble Health Partners to manage its coding and billing departments.

Karen Sullivan of Covenant Health says 77 employees will be impacted in Bangor.

65 will transition to Ensemble Health Partners.

Sullivan says the partnership with Ensemble came about because of challenges with a new health records system that has frustrated doctors, staff and patients.

"By bringing in Ensemble, they are truly industry experts in this area,” said Sullivan. “The other thing about them is that they are extremely experienced with Epic optimization. We are hopeful that this is going to provide a better experience for everyone."

12 St. Joseph employees do not yet have placements.

Ensemble representatives will be in Bangor in the coming weeks to talk with them about open positions at St. Joseph Healthcare and Ensemble.