St. Joseph Healthcare asks for donations to keep healthcare workers and patients safe

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Protecting those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic is so important. If healthcare workers get sick, who will take care of us?

St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor is putting out a call for more personal protective equipment.

They are looking for donations of N95 masks, face shields, goggles, and disposable masks or gloves.

They say they have to be careful with how they use personal protective equipment.

The hospital says it's difficult to track how long their supplies may last given the unknown circumstances.

President of St. Joesph Healthcare, Mary Prybylo, "We’ve kind of described it as they are like rubies, like gems and we have to be very very careful with them and staff certainly understand that. But again, our first priority is for our staff and to our patients in trying to make sure we have the adequate protection they need to have. "

Mary Prybylo says it's not surprising this community has stepped up to help out.

Some have even gone as far as making handmade masks, based on
the U.S. CDC's guidelines.

You can drop off donations in the bins by the hospital's main entrance on Broadway.