'Speed Tables' to Likely be Installed on Several Skowhegan Streets

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SKOWHEGAN, Maine. (WABI) Speeding and traffic congestion have been common complaints from residents on Gem Street, Greenwood Avenue, and Cowette Street in Skowhegan.

A New York-based manufacturer is looking at building four 'speed tables' to ease traffic on those roads.

Attempts to slow and divert traffic have been largely unsuccessful as drivers use these side streets as short cuts to avoid the traffic lights of downtown.

The town is in talks to install four of the speed tables made by Traffic Logix - one on Gem Street, one on Cowette Street, and two on Greenwood Avenue.

"The beauty of these things is it's like having a 24/7 police officer. Once it's in place, people can't deny it. They have to obey it. So you don't have to have an officer on the roadway, you essentially have one. They're doing the job of patrolling the streets and keeping people safe," said Mark Gregory, Senior Regional Sales Manager for Traffic Logix.

The speed tables are black and yellow for high visibility and will be roughly 14-feet in length.

Skowhegan selectmen are expected to discuss the road installations at their Tuesday meeting.