South China Christmas tree farm gets ready for second year of selling trees

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SOUTH CHINA, Maine (WABI) - Ben and Molly's Christmas Tree Farm in South China is about to open for their second year selling trees.

It all started in 2010.

"We bought the farm," says Robert W. Palmer III, co-owner of Ben and Molly's Christmas Tree Farm. "It was Donna's idea. She says, 'Why don't we grow Christmas trees?'"

So the Palmers planted their first Christmas trees and continued working on the farm until they started selling trees last year.

They open up Friday and say it's all about the experience.

"The best part is watching the families out there for a half an hour, sometimes an hour, just looking for that perfect tree and enjoying quality family time," says Palmer.

"After the tree's netted and loaded in their vehicle, they get to come in, sit down, have hot cocoa and cookies, and sit by the fire and enjoy the Christmas music playing in the background," says Palmer.

You might also get the pleasure of meeting the namesakes of the farm, the family dogs.

"Ben and Molly are our children," says Donna L. Palmer, co-owner of Ben and Molly's Christmas Tree Farm. "They're Springer Spaniels. They're brother and sister, and we just love them dearly. They've been a part of this farm since Day 1. They were the inspiration."

"They're the two funniest characters you'll ever meet in your life," says Robert Palmer.

Ben and Molly are even the stars of a new children's book written about the farm.

And if you're lucky enough, you'll even get to hear Ben sing some Christmas classics.

They are open every Friday through Sunday starting this weekend through the weekend before Christmas.

Visit their Facebook page for more information.