Snowbirds in Maine Worry Over Floridian Homes in Face of Irma

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Wells, Maine (WMTW) A lot of frayed nerves among snowbirds in Maine who have properties in Florida.

Hurricane Irma storm path heads towards Florida Photo: Brandon Beyer / Twitter

Bill Clarke has a home west of Fort Lauderdale, which is right in Irma's path.

He installed hurricane-impact windows and doors before the coming month.

Clarke is worried for his neighbors down south who've decided to ride out the storm.

It's a very difficult situation being 15-hundred miles away. You've got your new car sitting in front of the house under a big tree. You hope that the tree doesn't fall on the car. One of the things that we're always concerned about are the roofs holding up. I have new hurricane-impact windows and doors, but will the roof hold up? If the roof goes then we're done." Says Clarke

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Friday's House vote would send the measure to the President for his signature, replenishing rapidly dwindling disaster accounts.

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