Ski Patrol at Camden Snow Bowl prepared for any emergency

CAMDEN, Maine (WABI) - From responding to falls, and clearing hazards, the Camden Snow Bowl Ski Patrol keeps skiers safe.

These volunteers are well trained for the role of first responders on the mountain.

"It's about a 100 hour course, a little less than an EMT basic. Everything from birthing babies to treating a broken leg," said Duncan Matlack, Ski Patrol Director.

"We always have one or two patrollers at the summit that are ready to go toboggan out, so response times vary depending on where you are, but it's usually within a few minutes we can have a patroller and a toboggan on scene. Fortunately, we don't tend to have a lot of serious accidents, people pretty much ski in control. That's helpful, but they're called accidents for a reason. So you fall, we pick you up," said Brian Robinson, Senior Level Ski Patrol.