Six new laws have been passed protecting women's health care

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Six new laws have been passed protecting and expanding access to sexual and reproductive health care for women in the state.

Women in Maine now have guaranteed private and public insurance coverage for abortions.

As well as access to a trained professional to perform the procedure.

The new laws also include contraception being available in vending machines, and advanced reproductive health care for minors.

"Before we passed this law actually a woman really could struggle if she lived in certain parts of Maine to be able to access an abortion when she needed one. She might have driven up to 5 hours each way in order to have an abortion, make sure she got time off work, childcare. Now we know a woman can have this procedure done, with a healthcare provider that she already has a relationship with," said House Speaker Sara Gideon.

Representatives Jay McCreight, Mo Terry and Senator Linda Sanborn were also sponsors of these bills.