Siberian Husky Shelter Owner Guides Dog Sledding Granddaughter

Published: Feb. 19, 2018 at 6:15 PM EST
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"Every one of them has their story and every one of them came to us just needing somewhere to be and we just wanted to give them a good home," says Rema Mitchell.

Mitchell and her husband have been taking in Siberian huskies for 20 years now.

"My granddaughter helped me name my kennel," she says.

Our Furry Husky Kiddo's of Ellsworth Maine Kennels has proven to be quite an adventure for their entire family.

"Every part of our family has jumped in and helped us with our kennel," says Mitchell.

Their mission to save as many huskies as they can started with education and awareness about the breed and it turned into a way of life.

"It has become a lifestyle," says Mitchell.

When you have this many huskies, it's only natural to also love dog sledding which Rema does and so does her granddaughter four-year-old Emma.

She's been riding since she was a baby.

"She's been on many sleds since she was five months old and recently, she's just really had this desire to want to become a musher," says Mitchell.

"She loves it. She loves the dogs. She's got a passion for it. As long as she's happy, that's all I care," says David Rea, Emma's dad.

"When she's on that sled, she's so focused and just loving every moment on that sled. She loves it," says Mitchell.

She's even teaching the ropes to her little sister, two-year-old Izzy.

They say they'll support Emma in following her dreams wherever her dogs and their sled takes them.

"We took her to the race in Fort Kent. She said, 'Poppa, I'm going to run this race.' So, I'm determined she will," says Mitchell.