Shiretown Tire is back open for business after months of repairs for damage from the Farmington explosion

Published: Feb. 21, 2020 at 6:13 PM EST
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Folks are still reeling from last September's explosion at LEAP Incorporated in Farmington, but residents have shown a lot of perseverance.

One of those folks is Mike Parlin, owner of Shiretown Tire. His business is located right next door to LEAP.

"So we stepped off the lift and as soon as we got in the office, the door blew open, and it pushed him down on to the floor and pushed me up against the filing cabinets in the office," said Parlin.

Parlin had to replace the whole wall facing LEAP, as well as the roof on that side, because of debris shooting into his building.

"It came through the wall," said Parlin. "The compressor was against the wall. There was a big cabinet, and then the workbench, and they all got pushed away from the wall and landed on the lift."

It's been a long road to getting the shop back up. It's especially hard because he lost a season where he gets 80% of his annual business.

"We were down 4 1/2 months," said Parlin. "That is when you get the most business in this area for tires because everybody needs winter tires."

And throughout it all, Mike has kept a steadfast sense of optimism.

"If you're not, you defeat yourself," said Parlin. "So you stay optimistic, they'll come back, you'll make out."

Parlin says he's hopeful he'll make it through because of his great customers and helping community.