Bucksport shelter has two good boys who've been there too long

BUCKSPORT, Maine (WABI)- King and Kilo are three year old dogs at the Bucksport Animal Shelter that need particular homes, and owners who can give them lots of exercise and proper training.

"They're both very sweet dogs,” said shelter volunteer Sheila Gallagher. “They want to please. Once they're outside and you've worked with them, they're very calm. Again, they just need the training."

But King and Kilo have another particular need as well: exposure.

"Our location can be difficult. We have set up appointments with people, and we're on the phone saying ‘where are you now? Look for this, look for that.'"

The Bucksport Animal Animal Shelter is a tiny set of buildings dwarfed behind the Bucksport Transfer Station. It’s the only shelter of it’s kind in Hancock County.

Dan Joy has been the shelter’s manager for almost all of its thirty year existence

"It's a municipal shelter just like the fire department or the police department," he told us.

It may still look modest, but in the last twelve years the shelter has built a roof over the dog runs, fixed an an unfinished floor, and added a cold storage unit. Major improvements for a municipality that was essentially just a shack.

"It was a mess,” Joy said. “To say the least, it was a mess."

The shelter also has contracts with Orland, Orrington, Prospect, Winterport, and Searsport, and says the Bucksport community has been very good to them.

Said Joy, "The town understands the work we're doing out here to help the animal population overall."

Kilo and King have been at the shelter far longer than most dogs ever have to stay, and the shelter says they’re hoping a little exposure will help give them the chance they need.

And while Gallagher is hopeful for their eventual adoption, she’ll be sad to see them go.

“They've grown on me," she said. "And if I didn't have three cats I'd take them home."