'She acted alone:' State lawmakers react to Governor Mills' re-opening plan

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 4:43 PM EDT
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Republican lawmakers Friday, say Governor Mills acted alone when she developed the plan to reopen the state.

They go on to say that the governor offered an entire branch of government a "suggestion box" while completely shutting them out.

Senate Democrats we spoke with agree.

They say they would have liked input on the Governor's plan before she rolled it out.

Both parties say they have answered non-stop phone calls from worried constituents and have limited answers to give them.

Senate President Troy Jackson says he knows the Governor is doing what she thinks is best but there are things they don't agree with.

Likewise, Republicans say she's not doing enough to support small businesses and restarting the economy.

Republican Senator, Matt Pouliot says, "Governor Mills said it best in her state of the state this year, 'We're Maine not Washington.' We are Maine, not California or New York. This doesn't mean that we should not be safe and make sure that the health of Maine people is put forward first. That's absolutely what we need to do. But, we also need to make sure we're looking out on the economic side of this in terms of allowing businesses to put forth plans to open and demonstrate that they can be safe and get back to work."

Democratic Senate President Troy Jackson says, "I don't think there's anyone that would be able to come out with a perfect plan. This isn't. There's been problems with it. I think there needs to be more flexibility in some respects and I believe we are going to get that next week."

In their statement Republican lawmakers say that in light of the Governor's actions, they will soon decide whether it is necessary for the state legislature to convene.

They say the legislature has the authority to pass a Joint Resolution to end the State of Emergency that Governor Mills has declared.

Jackson says this isn't the right approach.

He says he would like to see the Governor establish an advisory council that she's spoke of previously.

It would be comprised of local business owners and stake holders that could work on a more thorough re-opening plan.

Both parties agree, that she should be including her lawmakers more in the decisions being made.