Shaving time for two Central Maine groups partaking in No Shave November

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WATERVILLE/AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - It's shaving time for two Central Maine groups that were partaking in No Shave November.

The men at the Augusta Police Department and Central Maine Motors Auto Group shaved today for the finale of No Shave November.

Both groups raised money for charity and awareness for men's health.

They also both say that it was a great experience for their teams.

"You know, we're already a tight nit group here at Augusta PD, but it's just one of those things that keeps us tight and even tighter, so it's good," says Jared Mills, Police Chief, Augusta Police Department.

"This is a great team building opportunity for us because everybody gets to come together and show their facial hair as a beard," says Chris Gaunce, owner, Central Maine Motors Auto Group. "And then have some good laughs as they shave it off as a mustache because creativity can be a lot of fun and we like to embrace that creativity amongst the crew that we have."