Sergeant that exchanged fire in incident testifies on Day 2 of Scott Bubar trial

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - It was Day 2 of the Scott Bubar trial Thursday.

Bubar is charged with aggravated attempted murder of a Kennebec County Sheriff Sergeant in a police-involved shooting in May of last year.

Sergeant Jacob Pierce testified he exchanged gunfire with someone in the Bubar home and that he heard a man say, "I will (expletive) shoot you. Get off my property," when he approached the residence.

He also said he heard someone inside the home say, "Let's go out in a blaze of glory."

Pierce says he returned 3-5 rounds two separate times after being shot at from the Bubar home.

Maine's Chief Medical Examiner testified about what he found in his autopsy of Scott's father, Roger Bubar, who was killed in the incident.

He said Roger Bubar had three bullet wounds and had alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and other substances in his system.

The trial continues Friday morning.