Septic system at Sullivan residential facility causing issues

SULLIVAN, Maine (WABI) - "It's been ongoing since June."

A resident of Fremont Manor in Sullivan reached out to us saying the stench from the septic system there was sickening and nothing was being done about it.

After a trip to the facility on Fremont's Corner it was clear the system was causing a major issue making the smell overwhelming to say the least.

"It smells like an open sewer."

The resident who reached out to us didn't feel comfortable going on camera or making her identity public but says the residents here have had to deal with the smell day in and day out.

"With that door open, you don't only get the flies but you get coming blasting at ya."

She's concerned over living conditions at the home she's paid to live in since it opened in January.

"I wanted to be able to go out and take a lawn chair and sit and I don't smoke but at least be able to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine because I get the morning sun and it gets hot in there."

We reached out to a town official who declined to go on camera but says the property has recently been inspected and the owner is being cooperative and is having maintenance fix the issue.

They say it should take about a week to fix.

We spoke to the owner, Diane Dow, who tells us they are dealing with the situation.