Senior Advocates Opposed to Senate Tax Bill Meet in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Advocates for Maine seniors got together in Bangor Tuesday to talk about the US Senate tax bill.

The Alliance for Retired Americans held a press conference at the Bangor Public Library.

Some retirees and small business owners feel the bill would benefit wealthy Americans at the expense of seniors.

They're also worried about a future burden on their families with the potential for the federal deficit to grow by 1.5 trillion more dollars.

A Maine tax policy expert spoke about the impact on seniors, including a possible $25 billion cut to Medicare.

"The way that the tax cuts are being distributed in a lot of ways do not really help our Maine clients or even in the long term can actually increase their taxes," says Christopher Linder, CEO of MaineStream Finance.

"I don't think this tax bill helps working people of Maine. I don't think it helps middle class. I think it helps the wealthiest people around the country," says Bill Lippincott, a small business owner.

They also talked about the possibility of current health care benefits being cut.