Senators Susan Collins and Angus King share thoughts on Syrian situation

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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Senators Susan Collins and Angus King shared their thoughts on the Syrian situation with us on Thursday.

U.S. Forces use tactical vehicles to provide security during an independent, coordinated patrol outside Manbij, Syria, Photo Date: 7/28/82018 / Photo: Nicole Paese / US Army / (MGN)

Senator Collins said, "Turkey has already begun airstrikes and artillery strikes. I am extremely concerned that the result will be that the Kurds who have been our steadfast allies against ISIS are going to be slaughtered."

Senator King said, "What the president did is a terrible mistake. Both in terms of humanitarian of exposing our Kurdish allies to the tender mercy of the Turks who have hated the Kurds for generations. They have been waiting for this opportunity and the Kurds stood up for us and for us to abandon them like this is immoral is the only word that applies to it."

The White House says the U.S. has not in any way endorsed Turkey's decision to mount military attacks in Syria.